Embryo Donations

What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is donating embryos to an infertile couple who desperately want to build a family. The ‘infertile couple’ then becomes the ‘adoptive parents’ to the donated embryo. We want to give all embryos a chance to be born.

After fertility treatments known as IVF (in vitro fertilization), there are sometimes fertilized eggs (embryos) remaining in a cryopreserved state—meaning the embryos are frozen and stored for later use. Options are limited after you are done building your family and storing frozen embryos ‘indefinitely’ might become too costly.

If destroying your frozen embryos or donating your embryos to research goes against your beliefs, then you might consider donating them to a couple suffering from infertility.

How Does Embryo Donation for Embryo Adoption Work?
For the Donating Family….

We understand the gravity of the situation and we want only the best for everyone involved. The goal is to work with families to find the best outcome for the frozen embryos and to meet each family’s individual needs.

For the donor family, if you have remaining embryos stored in the freezer with your doctor, it can pose a dilemma. Perhaps you have your cherished child or children, and you have remaining embryos in the freezer. Right now, you have four options that are options for your remaining embryos.

  1. Continue to keep them stored for a later transfer and future family building.
  2. Discard the embryos.
  3. Donate the embryos for embryonic stem cell research, if they are eligible.
  4. Donate the embryos to another family anonymously, or make them available to a family for embryo adoption where the family could be known to you on some level of contact.

The kind of contact between the families is decided by the donor family. Here are some basic types of contact through our program:

  1. Closed adoption. You would not know the first names of the family. You can still have a birth announcement. You can still find out if there was a born child, if you want to know.
  2. Semi-open adoption. You would know the adopting family by their first names only, and have communication facilitated through Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. You would get birth announcement/photos etc.
  3. Open adoption. You be would know to each other on a first and last names, and be able to have contact with each other, on mutually agreed upon terms

If interested in donating your embryos to another family, you would provide basic information about the embryos. We would then look for a”match” for you in our files of prospective adopting families.

  1. We would send you a family profile to look at. Your embryos remain your embryos until we have sent you a family that you are comfortable with.
  2. We then send information about you to the adopting family based upon the kind of contact your desire. If the adopting family is satisfied, we then have a “match”.
  3. After matching and the paperwork is finalized, we move the embryos to the adopting family clinic, for them to transfer.

This is just “the basics” and we would be glad to discuss the whole process with you in more detail and look at your specific situation to determine if embryo donation for adoption is right for you and your family.