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About Us

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park is a national non-profit, Christian service, giving embryos the chance at life with a loving adoptive family. We believe that life begins at conception, and that every embryo is worthy of a loving family. Our focus is to unite genetic families that have remaining embryos from previous IVF treatments, with adopting families, for the purposes of providing a loving, nurturing environment for the child, and bringing the endless joy of parenthood to those that embrace these little ones.

Our Cedar Park program in designed to make embryo adoption both affordable, accessible, at the same time providing a venue for both the genetic family and the adopting family to have the advantage of choosing the kind of contact they will have with each other. Some families may want an “open” model; while some families may want to reserve contact though Cedar Park. We will work to provide the parameters that each family is most comfortable with. Counseling is available and encouraged to determine what would be the best for your family.

Mission Statement

Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park


There are thousands of human embryos held in suspended animation, in freezers all over America, and around the world. Millions of couples that struggle with infertility yearn to hold a baby in their arms, but are unable to conceive. Our program is designed to bring those families together. Our service enables families to find each other, and for the embryos to have a chance to be born into a loving family. Every embryo is a precious gift of matchless value, a human being at its earliest stages. Our goal is to bring families together, and offer embryos a chance to be born, for the sake of their own lives, and for the infinite number of future generations.